Less League, More Life

A time in my life that turned for the better was when I quit League of Legends. Being one of the most addicting games of the decade, I can recall many moments declining invitations to partake in real world events to get trolled by sub par teammates. Online strategy games that require teamwork give me a great sense of accomplishment when a match plays out like a well oiled machine. For anyone that has played this game knows the likelihood you’ll have 2 perfect matches in a row is rare. So why did I waste my time playing this video game when I could have been going out with friends or enjoying the world?

I have no damn clue.

Having nothing to physically show for your hard work in a video game is frustrating. Once I’ve been burdened with enough hard fought losses, I found myself begging for a different life. I chose to challenge myself in my career. I turned moving up the corporate ladder into the game that I am addicted to.

So what motivates you? What can you be addicted to that replaces the need to game? Explore your avenues. Be a volunteer, travel the world, find inner peace, or talk to others about their experiences finding a path. Being lost is a scary place to be but when you’re lost, you’re in the position to explore and find wherever it is you truly need to be.

A perspective I found helpful when finding my path to happiness was viewed in this  video from Gary Vaynerchuk.

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