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Thursdays are for the Boys

You Guys Missed a Banger.

Allure of the Seas

A single night on board the “Allure of the Seas” left our family in angst for missing out on the most action-packed part of our vacation. This was no typical Thursday, although the day of the week doesn’t matter on a cruise. The waters were choppy and motion sickness struck my girlfriend and her sister but the boys decided to put our dancing shoes on to act as our medicine. The night was simple but came to a blur with memories slowly creeping their way back to existence since this night.

After a formal dinner, we went to the Casino. With only aspirations of not having to go to work after vacation, I fell way short of that. I hit a few buzzers and saw some fancy lights only to leave myself with $10 more than I started. With that extra $10 in my pocket, I had the confidence to hit the clubs. The Allure of the Seas had many venues hosting adult entertainment.

Before finding a place to boogie down, a friend and I walked into a comedy bar hosting a show called, “If you know it, Dance it”. With enough Tequila in our veins, we knew this was going to be “lit”. I walked to the bar to gear up for this event but before I know it, my friend is on stage doing the “YMCA”. I spit my margarita halfway across the bar and ran back to our table so I could join in on the next song. Several embarrassing songs later, the tallies among Teams A and B were counted and we, Team A, were victorious. This really set the tone for the night because “Finish that lyric” was the next game show. We were only spectators in that but we had enough to drink that we stumbled to my girlfriend’s brother’s room. He joined us for the remainder of the night.

Now running 3 men deep in our crew, we hit the first club called “Blaze”. The Blaze was doing an 80’s theme night. You would think 80’s theme would be interesting to see but it truly was disappointing to see fossils hogging the dance floor. After a few beers, we decided to head to the next club before the life was sucked out of our young, voluptuous bodies.


Do I dare say more than “Dazzle’s”? One of the most notable bars on the ship. We were now in our element. The band playing this night played many classics. We recall Bon Jovi, Queen, Journey, ‘Skynyrd, Sublime, you name it and they probably played it. I don’t think I have embarrassed myself without caring to that degree in years. I was out on the floor, shaking my booty to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” and all of a sudden, my friend is on the second floor of the club dancing with a few older couples. We had this place lit up with joy. Even between sets, the Guitarist ran into us at the Restroom… Poor guy. Drunk without a care in the world, we tried to force this man into playing Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl”. Soon to be let down, but not out for the count, we remained on the dance floor with hope.

The most notable thing that happened here was the encore. Now anyone with a sense of respect will not have a band play “Freebird”. I have always wondered what it would take for a band to play that song and that night I found out the answer is $50. An older, taller gentleman that was high fiving us earlier in the night came out from the shadows in the bar to slap a $50 bill on the stage and yell, with his fists in the air, “FREEBIRDDDDDD”. If I had less respect for myself I would have hosed my pants with piss right then and there. I love dimwitted/hillbilly Americans.

Leaving Dazzle’s was sad because I knew the night was over. We walked with our shoulders hung low. We were on our way to get pizza which was basically the only restaurant open on the ship at 1am but suddenly we heard “Enter Sandman” from Metallica being played on an acoustic guitar. There was a Pub named “Bow & Stern Pub” still open with live music. The three amigos sprinted into the Pub where everyone watching the one-man band was seated. I started doing Mosh Pit type moves in the open area in front of the artist and my friends quickly joined. This was the last song he had planned to play but Henry (I think this was the Guitarists name) said, “I love you guys” and he proceeded to play 4 more songs. He mentioned, “I think this is the first ever Mosh Pit in the Pub” and for that, I am proud.

Eventually, the night ended with Pizza, Hangovers, and Ibuprofen but our legacy at Dazzle’s and the Pub live forever. We know this because all 3 of us received high five’s from strangers for the remainder of the cruise. I’m a whore with my Fist Bumps and High Fives after a couple of drinks, so I paved a clear path to get them in return.

Make the Allure of the Seas your home for a memorable vacation. Thanks for enjoying my story. I hope you get to experience your own taste of this cruise line.




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