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I Prank Called a YouTuber

Everybody loves a good ol’ fashioned prank call, right? Game on, VB20.

Today, I take you behind the scenes of a hilarious prank call to my friend that is growing on YouTube. Vanburen20, on YouTube, was live on stream making calls around town so I figured to join in on the fun. I had been in and out of his chat throughout the night but I attempted to cover my tracks by telling him I was going out on the town for the night. After about 30 minutes, I called him and pretended to be a subscriber that retrieved his number on “The Google”.

Even though he had a pretty good idea it was me, I think this made for some pretty hilarious reactions on his stream. The initial shock in their faces were enough to make everything worth it in the end.

Sometimes the best stress relief is to let loose and pretend to cry on a YouTuber’s stream.

To see more Vanburen20, you can visit him on YouTube here. Be sure to check out my latest posts which you can find on my Blog page.


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