mindset matters

Mindset Matters and Stress Doesn’t Deserve your Attention

Mindset Matters

You wake up, lay in bed for 30 minutes while you scroll on every social media platform, snooze your alarm, and eventually have no choice but to start your day. Upon leaving the house, you drive to work listening to the same old radio show that hasn’t changed in years and you arrive at work only to endure another painful day. You likely didn’t do anything different than you would have in previous work days and this repetition makes you sick. When it’s time to drive home, you listen to mind-numbing noise from the radio (again) and sleep your night away because you’re so tired from your “rough day”. In the thesis of mindset matters,

Is this you?

I’m not going to lie. This was me. But why am I conveying that this is bad? Pulling it apart for context, you have a full-time job and you pay your bills on time. Great, right?

Having a job you dislike is one of the many examples I could use to describe the missing hustle from your life. But let’s be honest, there are a ton of people in this world not working their dream job. There are even more people afraid to follow their dreams because they only know how to live in comfort.

Garyvee said it best, “You can live on six hours [of] sleep so you have 18 hours… You have 18 [explicit] hours. I want to know what you’re doing with your 18 hours. You can work your 9 to 5 and that’s 9. And you can travel for an hour here and there, respect, nice little solid commute. Oh, you want to be a family man? Mazel tov! You can spend two hours with your kids. What do you do with those other 5 hours?“.

He goes on to talk about people wasting those five hours by watching a Netflix series and playing video games. He’s got a good point. If you’re so miserable doing the same old shit then why are you wasting your available time to sulk and make things worse? I’d like to see more people conquer the lost part of their day. If you’re in sales and you hate your job, why not use a part of your day after work to dig into some books? You could learn how to become a pilot or do whatever you want to do.

Here are some changes I have made to make each day unique.

1. I listen to educational podcasts to and from work.

2. I treat my 9 to 5 as my side gig. I put more focus on building my resume and portfolio than I do exceeding expectations in my current role.

3. I get a good night of sleep and work out in the mornings.

If everything is going great and this doesn’t apply to you then that’s perfect. You made it.

There are so many resources to help you with time management. But you need to motivate yourself to care about the long-term.

Our options are endless if we get better using our time.

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