3 Ways to Provide Value Before You Sell

Telemarketing, random emails, blindly messaging people on social media and similar tactics are dull. You’re trying to sell blindly and are placing yourself in a category of hated people. How many times have you cold called someone only to get a phone slammed down into its receiver? Do you know how to provide value before you sell?

Hear me out on these 3 ways to provide value before you sell. Enjoy these bullets from the consumers (my) point of view.

1. Build Rapport Deeper than Exchanging Business Cards.

All too many times before I’ve had people try to connect with me in the cafeteria at work, school or local store only to be upset by a generic slap in the face that was a fake environment. I will turn down a sale, even if you present a product or service that I need, because I want to decline the behavior of your tactic. I want to see someone market themselves to more than one conversation with me. Hook me in, learn about me, return the same information, and build a relationship to make the ultimate result that you want inevitable.

2. Give Information for Free.

If you know your craft, prove to me that you’re knowledgeable, and can provide valuable information without asking for something in return then you might just be the first person I think of when I need a service you offer. People hate being sold, so let the selling do itself in some cases. Deploy passive knowledge on social media or whatever platform you use. Make it easy for any consumer to follow up for more help or information.

3. Don’t Sell. Market and Network.

Word of Mouth is powerful. I went to a job interview once and this first thing the operations manager said to me was, “Have you ever seen an Ad for [Multi million dollar business name]?”. I promptly answered, “No.”.

Thing is, I don’t trust you. I trust Jimmy the local pizza delivery hero that gets me my pie hot n ready at 2 am. He’s always there when I need him the most. Think about having your own passive team to transpose your value onto new people they meet. This way, when you’re hustling, you may pick up a prospect that you would never have met otherwise.

Keep all doors open. Provide value before you sell.

Thanks for enjoying this short read! I’ve been working on a big project for November and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

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