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Shit I Love About Each Day of The Week

It’s extremely easy to dwell and I like to remind myself that a “bad day” shouldn’t be defined by the 2-3 hours that didn’t go according to plan. Dwelling on negative experiences is toxic. Rolling with the punches, buckling down, getting through, and not looking back is the way to go. Take a look at the shit I love.

Each day has so much to offer and I feel like sharing some of the things that I look forward to about certain days of the week, starting with Tuesdays.

Tuesday – Shit I Love

Tuesday is the bomb. In my earlier twenties, I would say Taco Tuesday was my spot. I was a regular at a local Mexican joint and I can’t call it a mistake. Sure it may have contributed to my pants type being referred to as “Husky” but fuck it, homeboy loves his taco’s.

Another great part about Tuesday is this is the day of the week that truly starts your week. You made it through the dreaded Monday and don’t have any more excuses to dwell on because you have to get stuff done. You can easily get a good night of sleep because the hard work you put in leaves you exhausted!

Wednesday – Shit I Love

Wednesday isn’t that bad. Typically known as the busiest work day of the week, Wednesday is abusive to your mind. Good Ol’ Hump Day. I like this day of the week because I enjoy people watching. I usually treat myself on Wednesdays by using my breaks and lunches sit somewhere with a high volume of foot traffic to just watch and observe. You can really learn a lot by just getting out of the way and looking at how people react to certain things. A lot of the times I see people being mad and screaming into the phone or rushing around to get to a meeting like if they were going to be late for a biology class in 7th grade. I take the stress I see in their body language and size it up against what they might be doing or where they are going. I often question why. Why do we do some of the things we do? I get real philosophical and shit on Wednesdays.

Thursday – Shit I Love

Dawg. Thursday is the best day of the week. I know there are better ways to spend a Thursday but I can not deny a Buffalo Wild Wings Mozzarella Stick. Eating one is equivalent to the satisfaction from the first time you learned to ride a bike. Dip that bad boy into some ranch and let her dance on your taste buds. The rest of the day is a wash knowing you’re going to get a wonderful cheesy delight, plastered into your mouth hole.

Friday – Shit I Love

I MADE IT! I worked for the weekend and it is finally here. There’s no feeling like clearing out the inbox and putting in a half-assed day of work because everyone else is doing the same. I work in Computer Repair and I can’t express how nice Friday’s are because our workload is so light. Mainly because everyone is too busy leaving work early to start their weekend. They didn’t provide themselves enough time to get their equipment fixed.

Saturday – Shit I Love

Rise and Grind. Get all the shit you put off during the week done. Saturday is hustle day for me. I have goals for my future and it is extremely beneficial to not worry about having to work while I get closer to completing bigger goals. During the week, I knock out the small stuff and combine the small stuff into a bigger project. Take this website for example, I’ve been adding things to it almost every day but I need a good chunk of time to truly make it all come together.

Sunday – Shit I Love

I have really changed perspectives on Sunday’s throughout my adult life. I will not let myself ride the Struggle Bus to work on Monday. You know the Struggle Bus? It sits outside your house on Sunday, honking the horn all day, waiting for you to get on it Monday morning so you can dwell on having to get back to a shit job or life you don’t prefer. I respect Sunday so much now because I use the fire it gives me to build an empire. I’ve gotten so much done on Sunday’s. It’s also when I like to write most of my posts and engage in smaller communities on the web.

Monday – Shit I Love

Monday sucks. Not because I hate Monday but because everyone else hates Monday. The “Monday Blue’s” absolutely kill me. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity and complaining all around me. But Monday is the first day I get to flex my muscle’s that I earned over the weekend. All the hard work I put into learning and investigating my next steps in life start production when I wake up Monday morning. Not to mention I end the day with a brand new episode of “Shark Tank” on Hulu.


Thanks for reading! I hope you find something about each day that you can rely on to keep you going!



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