I’ve Always Had a Shadow

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a shadow.

From a young age I observed that everywhere I went, my shadow followed. Walking through life with my shadow was such a secure feeling. Knowing that it would be there for me as I would to it. I remember never being alone. We had many opportunities to talk and play through the years. Each one of them was cherished. We became the best of friends and we learned we were family. And what a special bond that was. We capitalized on the bond we were delivered from birth and made our friendship into so much more than a routine camaraderie.

It seems that my shadow would always get into trouble. From accidentally hitting someone in the face at Tee Ball (Baseball for children) to taking a commanding charge into a pricker bush whilst driving a four wheeler, my shadow was daring. Yet, I was always there to save the day.

As we grew, we would talk and scheme our way to the top, wishing for fame and glory. We knew we weren’t typical people. We were capable of so much. Two like minded individuals that could take over the world. A day came that we knew we had to divide and conquer only to meet again to align our strengths. With gratitude, we wished each other farewell.

On My Own

I spent plenty of time learning to care for myself as I had relied too heavily on my shadow in the past. Several years it took me to gain the skills I sought after. Many battles I faced were much more difficult alone and I was always uneasy knowing my shadow may be having an equally painful time building an empire, alone.

Years went by as we were working down separate paths until the day came for us to meet again. Eagerly I waited for my shadow to arrive and it never came. I had no deeper connection with any one or any other thing yet it didn’t show. Frantically I went looking for my shadow only to find that it had not made it back from its voyage. My shadow had passed on to a new life. To my knees I dropped, realizing I’ll never see my shadow again.

The pain that flooded my veins would not escape my body for others to see. I had so much faith that my shadow could conquer anything as could I but the truth was that we were nothing without each other.

The day I learned my shadow was gone, I felt as if I had taken on its soul, to continue living. I would soon go on to walk, talk, and act on behalf of my shadow. Letting others know that everything is fine and life will go on. My shadow would share a part of me and live vicariously a life that was missed. This was the first time my shadow made a move before me.

I tread with no fears knowing I now can follow my shadow into an unknown world. Knowing that I walk through life with my shadow is a secure feeling. It will be there for me as I was to it.

– To you



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