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How to Get Better Results When You Call a Call Center

When you call a call center, what has been your initial emotion before calling? Whether you were angry because you were losing productivity, dissatisfied with a product, or upset because there was a billing mistake, you may have had to call in to a company to get the situation resolved.

In a recent study I completed, about 68% of call center employee’s will not go out of their way to assist a rude caller. Data shows that no one wants to help the tough guy trying to flex their muscles on the call center person making less money per hour than they should. The main goal at this point for the call center person becomes “How can I get this person off the phone the fastest?”, which in the end usually does not result in you getting what you wanted initially.

How Do You Get Better Results When You Call a Call Center?

Definitely the best thing you can do is to not call in immediately after finding an item you need to dispute. If you had a billing issue, you’re paying for a service, or you computer is no longer working and you need help it’s probably best you wait until you can calmly talk about your problem. If you’re so mad that your face is red and steam is coming out of your ears, you probably aren’t going to fully explain the issue the best you could. On top of that, you’re going to stress out the person on the other end of the phone. Remember, their job is to help you and achieve the best results. If you’re easy to work with, they can get you squared away in less time.

Well, I’ll Just Call and Ask For the Manager!

Not the best idea here either. Generally, if you ask for the manager, you’re putting yourself in a worse position. When you call a call center and ask for the manager the person you’re asking for isn’t even trained to do the job you want help with. At an enterprise level, Managers just manage people. They know squat about the job and don’t care to learn it. They tend to have their day made up of meetings with senior leadership and follow ups with their direct team. No where in their schedule do they have “Talk to the angry asshole that neglected speaking to someone trained to help people with their problems”.

This is a Good Time to Discuss Politics, Relationships, or Religion with a Stranger, Right?

We usually won’t bring up these topics because we’re either trained not to or we just want to get down to business. Delaying the work of a call center person hurts them in two ways. Most call centers base performance off of statistics. First, There’s a statistic called “Average Handle Time“. “The Man” wants me on and off the phone with you in a predetermined amount of time. Typically, there isn’t enough time to talk about the orange tan Trump has. The second way it impacts someone is they’re speaking to you on a recorded line. They won’t actually be able to disagree with you or make you feel uncomfortable in debate. Also, they don’t want to be rude telling you to stop talking about random nonsense. It looks bad for the rapport of the company. They are representing the company when speaking to you. In theory, bringing up non-related discussion is a waste of time. You’re going to get a lot of uh huh, yeah, and sure answers that mean completely nothing.

They’ll Give Me Free Shit if I Ask Enough!

They can only do so much. Be hesitant when calling in a problem that requires you to be compensated. My advice would be to wait out the call. See if things naturally end in your favor. Don’t show all of your cards up front because they might want to stray away from the result you want. Then again, you should be compensated without having to question or bring it up.

These people work extremely hard. Next time you call a call center, try to have some compassion and empathy for the person on the other end of the phone. I’ve worked as both a Laborer and a Call Center Rep. and the call center job was more exhausting.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out 5 Things that Happen While you Micromanage: A Behind the Scene’s Look at your Team. If you manage a team, keep them happy and comfortable. They’re your greatest asset.



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