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How to Make a Twitch Prime Drop-down Overlay for OBS | Adobe After Effects | JustinTheMod

Ever watch a twitch stream that has a professional twitch prime drop-down overlay? They can be used to promote your channel to viewers who may not know about the benefits of twitch prime and the fact that you can get a free trial.

Streaming is a full time job and any overlay, tip, or trick you find will help you get the job done. So, I created a how-to video and uploaded it to YouTube. The video helps viewers learn how to create their own unique graphic but I also provide a free, complete version in the video description.
Basically, I recognize that content creators are busy making content so I really want to help them have professional graphics and editing at their disposal.

The Twitch Prime drop-down overlay will be a nice addition to any twitch channel or YouTube highlight video they want to create.

Check out the video for yourself below!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a very basic Twitch Prime subscribe overlay and how to add it to Streamlabs OBS correctly. You’ll use opacity, positioning, and rotation to complete this project and will have a fully customized and functional motion graphic.

Download the course files here:
Download a completed version of the file here:

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