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Does Apex Legends Support Cross-Platform?

As the release of Apex Legends by Renew emerges after their release, thousands of users begin to download their new Battle Royale. They were incredibly detailed in their release notes except for understanding if their new game will be cross platform or cross play. It leaves us all to wonder, will Apex Legends be cross platform?

Will Apex Legends support Cross Play?

It appears after a recent tweet from @titanfallblog on twitter that the game is not yet ready for cross play / cross platform.

When Will Cross Play Be Enabled?

This is going to be a guessing game for some time to come. The company released the game to all 3 major gaming platforms all at once being Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC which would leave consumers to assume it supports cross play.

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Edited: 2/4/19 3:36pm EST


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