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Getting help with your device should be easy, convenient, and affordable (or free).

I can help locally in Columbus, Ohio or remotely via online applications. Also, please see my post on how you can resolve some problems on your own!

For most of my professional career, I have been dealing with technology at an enterprise level. I completed technical school, received industry leading certifications and dove right into an opportunity working at a Fortune 100 company where I learned to analyze and fix all levels of desktop related technical issues.

I acknowledge that some people don’t have the capacity to resolve their own technical problems. I understand that “if you’re a sales guy, you’re a sales guy”. Let me do the heavy lifting.

I’ll be happy to provide you all of the technical info you need or want to know to keep your assets safe and running smoothly.

Step 1: Consultation

Have a problem and not sure where to start? Contact me, provide your contact information and a small, detailed message of your problem or desire so I can investigate/provide next steps. Information is always free so feel comfortable reaching out for help.

Step 2: Recommendation

Honesty is cool and so am I. Given a particular scenario, my services might not be the best place to start and I’ll be straight forward with you. If you have a small problem/issue and I can simply coach you via email to self resolve the problem then I’d be happy to see if this is the way to go before having me dig in a little deeper.

If I need to be involved on a more technical level, then I will access the time and knowledge needed to resolve your issue and present you an affordable price for my services.

Step 3: Services

Instead of throwing your device out of your window, maybe I can help!

Common services

  • Software

    • Optimize Performance
      • Help speed up your device
    • Install/Remove New/Old Software
  • Hardware

    • Custom Builds
      • Gaming, Design, Creative, etc.
    • Install/Replace/Configure Hardware
      • Printers/Scanners/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet
  • Virus Removal

    • Remove All Malicious Programs
      • Receive information on how to protect yourself against future security risks

Step 4: Support (Computer Repair Columbus, Ohio)


A lot of what I do can be done remotely. I use software that will let me connect to your computer from my own machine. It’s easy to setup and is done via email.


If you require assistance with your hardware then the device will need to be present in the Columbus, OH area.

For your convenience, I’ve added an additional form below to make contacting me easy.