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About Justin

I’m an image and video editor bringing results to brands with creative and strategic imagery. I specialize in editing, graphics, and effects crafted to grow your audience with a professional look.

I use Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Ad’s to find new viewers and encourage your existing audience to share your content with captivating Call-to-Action prompts!

I’m pursuing a degree in Internet/Multimedia and completed a Technical Degree in 2016.

Previously, I supported information systems at a Fortune 100 company through a major organizational change and was even able to record and edit a video presented to the Chief Information Officer.

Please reach out with any and all questions via the contact form below or a standard email to I’m happy to help you understand my skill set or point you in the direction best suited for you, if I’m unable to assist!

Thanks for looking over my portfolio and I hope you enjoy the content you’re viewing on my website, JustinTheMod.

Recent Work

Advanced Typography, Transitions, and Motion Graphics
Custom Introductions
Tell A Story And Help Educate Viewers
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